Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Thoughful discussion needed

To the editor:

Recently a grant for $750,000 was offered to Berlin by House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz. The purpose of the grant is to study and formulate a plan for a future community/senior center.

Berlin does need some type of facility that would contain a pool, gym and other multi-function rooms for use by all our residents. However, this grant does not come close to funding an estimated $20-25 million that we would need to build such a facility.

At a recent Town Council meeting I voted to delay the acceptance of the grant for a short period of time to get comments from the public before we move forward with this project.

The town has a list of capital projects waiting to be funded, such as the renovation of our police station.

It all comes down to funding.

And as I wrote recently, we have an unhealthy debt of $105 million. Therefore, I would like to begin a community conversation about the above potential project, so I am planning two public forums during the next few weeks to give citizens an opportunity to share their thoughts with the council and town officials.

Mayor Mark H. Kaczynski 



I’m with Joe

To the editor:

In Anne Reilly’s letter attacking Joe Aresimowicz, she disparages Joe’s work in our community and as our state representative.

Joe took on Gov. Malloy to protect Berlin’s state funding, and left Malloy out of state budget talks to negotiate a bipartisan budget with Republicans. 

Joe upset the unions by supporting this bipartisan budget that froze wages and cut state employee benefits.

Reilly ignores the facts and spews her political rhetoric, but expects people to believe that a Southington college student would do a better job representing Berlin than Joe.

I’m not buying it. 

Mark Holmes



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