Free, reduced-price lunch available to Berlin students

Free, reduced-price lunch available to Berlin students

Berlin Public Schools has announced its policy for determining eligibility of children who may receive free or reduced-price meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, or free milk served under the Special Milk Program. 

School officials have adopted the United States Department of Agriculture’s Income Eligibility Guidelines for family size and income criteria for determining eligibility.

Income calculations are made based on the following formula: Monthly income is calculated by dividing the annual income by 12; twice monthly income is computed by dividing annual income by 24; income received every two weeks is calculatedly by dividing annual income by 26 and weekly income is computed by dividing annual income by 52. All numbers are rounded up to the next whole dollar.

Children from families whose income is at or below the levels are eligible for free or reduced-price meals or free milk will find applications available at, district school offices and the Board of Education office. Applications should be returned to the school. Only one application is required per household and an application for free or reduced-price benefits cannot be approved unless it contains complete eligibility information as indicated on the application. Information provided on the application is confidential and will be used only for the purposes of determining eligibility and for administration and enforcement of the lunch, breakfast and milk programs. Additionally, all school-ages children in income-eligible households can receive school meal benefits regardless of a child's immigrational status and the district/school does not release information for immigrational-related purposes in the usual course of operating the CNPs. The district may share eligibility information with education, health, and nutrition programs to help to evaluate, fund, or determine benefits for the programs, auditors for program reviews and law enforcement officials to help look into violation of program rules. This information may also be verified at any time during the school year by school or other program officials. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

Under the provisions of the policy for determining eligibility for free and reduced-price meals, Wendy Rawlings, at 860-828-6581, or will review applications and determine eligibility. If a parent is dissatisfied with the ruling of the official, he/she may discuss the decision with the official on an informal basis. To make a formal appeal, a request orally or in writing, may be made to Brian Benigni, Superintendent of Schools, Berlin Public Schools, 238 Kensington Road, Berlin, CT 06037, 860-828-6581 for a hearing to appeal the decision.

If a household member becomes unemployed or if household size changes at any time, the family should contact the school to file a new application. Such changes may make the children of the household eligible for reduced-price meals, free meals, or free milk, if the family falls at or below the levels shown in the income guidelines.

For more information, call 860-828-6581.


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