Cheshire police participate in lip sync challenge

Cheshire police participate in lip sync challenge

CHESHIRE — The local police department is among those participating in the viral lip sync video challenge.

Members began filming their lip sync challenge Saturday in hopes of finishing this week. Police departments in North Haven and New Haven have already posted their own videos.

Departments have typically created the videos in response to challenges from other departments, but after not receiving one, Cheshire police officer Tracy Gonzalez decided to take matters into her own hands.

”We thought we would get challenged, but we never were,” Gonzalez explained. “We thought Wallingford would challenge us, but whoever was supposed to challenge them never did. So I suggested it to the PD and we just went with it.”

Gonzalez rounded up about 15 other officers and took the idea to Police Chief Neil Dryfe.

“The men and women of our police force approached me with the idea and they took it from there,” Dryfe said.

Gonzalez received video equipment and production help from Clem Kasinskas of Bozzuto’s Inc. and Kelsey Quartuccio of East Side Garage in Wallingford before beginning filming on Saturday. The first filmed portion of the video included appearances from the fire department and Town Manager Sean Kimball. The rest of the video is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

For Gonzalez and the department, the benefits of their extracurricular activity are already apparent.

“It’s really boosted morale,” Gonzalez said. “We’ve met up some nights to get together and throw ideas around. It’s been great to re-instill that brotherhood. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Dryfe has also taken notice of what the video has done for the police force.

”It offers a positive view of our department,” Dryfe said. “It shows the human side… which is great.” 

As for what song the department will be syncing to, Gonzalez prefers that to be a surprise.

“I’m going to keep that to myself for right now,” Gonzalez said.
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