Cheshire Town Council evaluates Kimball's performance as town manager

Cheshire Town Council evaluates Kimball's performance as town manager

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CHESHIRE — The Town Council is reviewing the job performance of Town Manager Sean M. Kimball.

Kimball, who the council appointed last year, is in the second year of a two-year contract. On Tuesday night, council members met in closed door executive session for more than an hour to discuss his performance review.

While those deliberations weren’t public, Town Council Chairman Rob Oris Jr. said a public process is expected after the review is completed.

“The community certainly will know where the council stands relative to the town manager when we’re done,” Oris said.

Kimball’s draft of goals and objectives for the upcoming year includes fiscal stability, economic development, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of town services and improving tracking and monitoring of major capital projects.

Before the executive session, Kimball outlined his recommended capital budget for the current fiscal year and a recommended five-year capital plan that would fund 111 projects, at an expected cost of more than $58 million. 

The town’s debt burden was a part of those discussions. Matthew A. Spoerndle, senior managing director for Phoenix Advisors, LLC of New Milford, provided council members with a long-term outlook of the town’s projected debt over the next 30 years.  According to Phoenix Advisors’ analysis, the town’s debt is expected to exceed the 8 percent target by fiscal year 2023. The town has been able to maintain a AAA bond rating because, in part, its debt has been below 8 percent.