Cheshire Town Council to discuss extending Kimball contract

Cheshire Town Council to discuss extending Kimball contract

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CHESHIRE — The Town Council’s review of Town Manager Sean M. Kimball’s performance in that role is still underway. While that is ongoing, the council’s personnel committee will open discussions on a possible extension of Kimball’s current two-year contract.

The contract is in its second year and expires June 30, 2020. The contract’s language requires Kimball to notify the council in writing by December 15, this year, whether he will agree to a successor contract. 

Discussion of Kimball’s contract is the sole item on the agenda for a personnel committee meeting scheduled tonight. The meeting’s agenda lists the item with a possible executive session.

According to Kimball’s contract, he and the council may agree in writing to extend the current contract at any time, but states “in no event shall the term of the Contract exceed three years.”

Town Council Chairman Rob Oris Jr. following the council’s recent closed door discussions on Kimball’s performance review said a public process is expected after the council completes its review. 

Kimball had submitted a list of goals and objectives for the upcoming year that had included ensuring the town’s fiscal stability, bolstering economic development, while also making town services more efficient and effective.

Those goals also included improved monitoring of major capital projects.

On Monday, Oris told the Record-Journal that review hadn’t yet been completed. He declined any further discussion of that review. 

Kimball, meanwhile, said the conversation about a possible extension of his employment contract has just started. 

“I definitely enjoyed my first year,” Kimball said. “I think we had a good year all in all.”