For Cheshire musician, dream becomes reality

For Cheshire musician, dream becomes reality

CHESHIRE — As a musician, there’s likely no greater dream than to be on stage one day, performing in front of a live audience.

For Cheshire’s Jason Ingriselli, that dream is becoming more of a reality.

On Aug. 30, New England Country music group Jason Ingriselli & The Miles North Band will be the opening act for the Eli Young Band, a Grammy Award-nominated American Country band at Torrington’s Warner Theatre.

“This is going to be the first time we play with a bigger band like that and, right now, it’s just a dream come true,” Ingriselli said. “As a musician, you just want your music to be heard by people. It’s not necessarily about fame … .”

Ingriselli has been around music his whole life, growing up with a father who played the drums and a grandfather talented with guitars and mandolins. He practiced his skills throughout grade school on different instruments, but it wasn’t until high school when he tried the guitar.

“I always wanted to play guitar and it probably wasn’t until later in high school (when) I picked one up,” he said.

After graduating, Ingriselli played and sang for a few bands, including a punk-rock outfit and another country rock band. In 2012–when the country band split–Ingriselli continued to piece together his own work and, one year later, he took a trip down to Nashville, Tennessee.

At a hotel in Virginia on his return to Connecticut, Ingriselli began writing about driving home. Those words became the lyrics in his song, “Stone Walls,” on his full-length album “The Miles North.”

“I came home, showed it to Dave (Swanson, of Legend Studios), recorded it, put it out, and slowly pieced together the album to what it is today,” Ingriselli said.

Ingriselli and Swanson would work together on the songs, tapping session players to fill in for various instruments on the album. The music would then be sent to Randy Kohrs, a Grammy-winning producer based in Nashville, to get mixed.

Ingriselli said he connected with Kohrs while in Tennessee. When he returned home to Connecticut, he contacted Kohrs asking if the producer would mix his music. Kohrs agreed.

The album was released on Sept. 7.

“This was like a five year passion project,” Ingriselli said. “It’s definitely been a long road.”

The Miles North Band now has a full lineup, with musicians Nick Santore (guitar), Andrew Kraemer (pedal steel), Erik Kukanskis (bass), and George Mastrogiannis (drums).

The band recently released their newest song — Songbird — and has other songs set to be recorded. They also have shows scheduled at the Big E, University of Connecticut football games, local breweries, and fall fairs.

“I wouldn’t be where I am right now without the band behind me,” he said.

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