Southington ammunition seller to move to Cheshire warehouse

Southington ammunition seller to move to Cheshire warehouse

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CHESHIRE — An ammunition seller with a warehouse in Southington plans to renovate and move into a warehouse on Fieldstone Court.

Target Sports USA bought 30 Fieldstone Court, a 36,000-square-foot building, for $1.3 million this summer.

“This was a good warehouse at a beautiful location,” said owner and founder Miodrag Delmic. “We decided to acquire it.”

Target Sports owns its current home on Robert Porter Drive in Southington. The company uses about half the space for storing ammunition and some gun accessories, such as magazines, and leases the other half of the building.

Delmic started the business in 2008 in Farmington before moving to Southington. The business is mostly online ammunition sales, although customers can pick up orders from the warehouse if they live nearby.

Renovations of the Fieldstone Court location will start at the beginning of December and Delmic hopes to move in the spring.

“It’s going to take some time before we get the building up to code,” he said.

Other than temperature control to protect the products, there aren’t any special features required of a warehouse that stores ammunition, Delmic said. In Southington, representatives from the fire marshal’s office showed Delmic a video of ammunition on fire. The rounds would pop when they combust but don’t throw projectiles or cause a large explosion.

“It would be like firecrackers basically,” Delmic said.

There are more regulations if he were to sell gunpowder or primers, which must be kept a certain distance from other buildings. Delmic said nothing he sells is considered hazardous material.

Ammunition sales jumped from around 2008 until recently, according to Delmic, and supply outstripped demand as customers stocked up in fear of new regulations under a Democratic president. Over the past few years, sales have fallen off.

Southington is home to another online ammunition business run by Senad Ahmetovic. Last December, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved his application for a home business with the stipulation that ammunition wouldn’t be shipped to or from his house.

Ahmetovic told commission members he connects ammunition buyers with orders from warehouses and doesn’t handle products directly.

Jerry Sitko, Cheshire’s economic development coordinator, said the Fieldstone Court warehouse has been vacant for years after the departure of Davidson Specialty Foods.

“There’s been a lot of interest in it over the years,” Sitko said. “It’s good to see it finally be put to productive use.”

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