Personalized Learning Experiences at Maloney High School in Meriden

Personalized Learning Experiences at Maloney High School in Meriden

Personalized Learning Experiences are student-designed, teacher-supported, credit-bearing learning opportunities.  With help from the personalized learning experience coordinators, students develop plans of study around an area of interest or career goal.  

Both Caitlyn and Brianna are seniors at Maloney and are participating in the Medical Careers UELP under the supervision of Cynthia Simone. Through this internship the girls engage in peer-to-peer feedback, review clinical skills, relate authentic experiences and answer questions that students in the class have. In addition, this experience has allowed the girls to learn leadership skills, gain more clinical experience and use the experience to connect topics learned in the classroom to the real world. 

 The standards addressed through this PLE include Common Core and CTE standards such as:

●    Legal Awareness: Evaluate legal responsibilities, limitations, and implications of actions within the healthcare delivery system and perform duties according to regulations, policies, laws, and rights of clients.

●     Ethical Practices: Evaluate accepted ethical practices with respect to cultural, social, and ethnic differences within the healthcare environment.

●    Safe and Healthy Work Practices: Analyze the existing and potential hazards to clients, co-workers, and self and prevent injury or illness through safe work practices and follow health and safety policies and procedures.Individual and Team Responsibilities: Understand the role and responsibilities of individual members as part of the healthcare team, including the ability to promote the delivery of quality health care and interact effectively and sensitively with all members of the healthcare team.

Both girls choose the PLE because they are interested in pursuing a career in nursing. 



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