The Garden Therapy at Skyview continues with the Wallingford Garden Club. This month's project was to create garden decorations out of kitchen items: plates, bowls, and do-dads. Christine Salisbury is the leader of this group. Sue Broughton, Mary Ann Martindale, Eileen McMahon and Laurie Gray help out with these projects and all enjoy the visit with residents at Skyview. The residents wasted no time in choosing the items they wanted to use to create their design. After the glue dried, Christine glued them to posts and put them in the Skyview gardens. What a pretty sight for all to enjoy!

Photo 1: Skyview residents enjoy the project and the constant chatter with Wallingford Garden Club members.

Photo 2: Cas Trojanowski enjoyed making his garden decoration and gluing it all together.

Photo 3: Sue Lamson, our go-to resident, shows off her creation.

Photo 4: Some of the garden decorations out in the garden...looking pretty as can be.





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