A snow white seagull circles the rocky beach, suddenly

swooping from on high to garner a hearty mollusk in its talons,

gaining altitude it centers itself over a rocky outcrop,

dropping the clam, hoping it will crack open

No such luck on the first attempt, two tries later,

the tasty innards of the mollusk are exposed; ‘lunch’,

several more gulls gather, they too experienced limited success on

first attempts, seemingly two or more tries was the norm; such is

life, or is it?

Lying on a lounge in front of the summer rental, intently watching

this fascinating rite of nature, I was unknowingly witnessing a life

lesson; the lowly seagull as a teaching tool, who knew? Their

entire diet depends on sea life, if they fail to find food,


Humans can take some counsel from the actions of these avian

foragers; if one has a goal, desire or seemingly unrealistic

aspiration, keep at it, don’t give up, think like a gull, looks like

it’s working for them

And alas; thousands of clams await in the ebbing tide…

— Ernie Larsen, Meriden


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