On Thursday, May 9, North Haven Garden Club presented a program, "Roses" by Mirjana Toyn.  Mirjana is a Consulting Rotarian and member of the American Rose Society. She has grown a variety of roses over the years and has a large portion of her gardens dedicated to cultivating many roses from around the world. The presentation covered the history of roses, rose care, and the medicinal and culinary uses of roses.  She shared her vast knowledge on the subject with members and quests. A few of the many facts she shared with the group was the fact the right here on Connecticut is the oldest rose garden in the country, Elizabeth Park Rose Garden.  Elizabeth Park is a city park located in Hartford and West Hartford. It is covers 102 acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Gardens.  Each different type of rose has a different fragrance or scent, and while the new favorite the "Knock-Out Rose" is an easy variety to grow, they have no scent, no sweet smell of roses that we all know and love. There is a wide variety of roses bushes that have a larger variety of blooms. The traditional long stem rose that everyone thinks of when the word rose is spoken, to the single petal rose, the double petal rose, the cup bloom along with the different textures, even ruffles, of blooms. There is such a wide variety of roses, the list is a long one, here are just a few; Climbing Rose, Shrub Rose, Hedge Rose, Tea Rose, Floribundas, Polyanthus, Mini Floras, Hybrid Grandifloras, the list goes on and on, and with as many colors as you could imagine.  There are roses that only bloom once and roses that bloom profusely, like the Floribundas, which means flowering in abundance.  Roses in our area need to be planted deeper in the soil because of the temperature variation during the winter.  If the bud union freezes the rose bush will not come back in the spring. 

Hostess for the evening were Brenda Howlett, Lauri Falco and Sandy Ginter. Table arrangement was by Cindy Golia.

FUN FACT- Growing tips- 6 hours of sunshine, good drainage and air circulation, bud union 3-4 inches below soil level, fertilize in late May when oil warns to 55 degrees, and water deeply 1 inch per week, more in hot weather.

North Haven Garden Club is a member of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Inc., New England Garden Clubs Inc.,  and The National Garden Clubs Inc. 


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