“The Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad”

 “The Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad”

“Always remember – be a healthy skeptic.” With these words of caution, Julie Jason, author and money manager at Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers in Stamford, took 63 Y’s Men of Meriden on a crash course in financial planning on Feb. 13.

Jason is a highly regarded financial planner with impeccable credentials. She began her career as a Wall Street lawyer, having earned an advanced law degree at Columbia University, and subsequently serving as a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) arbitrator and mediator, and also serving as president of the managed futures fund subsidiary of a major broker/dealer and president of its trust company. She founded Jackson, Grant more than 20 years ago and remains its Chief Investment Officer.

Jason is the author of seven (and soon to be eight) books regarding retirement planning and retirement investing strategies. And she has written more than 1000 weekly financial education columns during the past 20 years, published in various regional Connecticut newspapers and syndicated nationally by King Features.

During her presentation, Jason intermixed words of investment wisdom with multiple financial graphs and tables, with an emphasis on retirees. One study cited found that 87 percent of retirees say they don’t know enough about managing investments to make their savings last; indeed, only one in four are planning for a retirement that lasts 25 years or more, despite modern longevity that often carries folks into their 80’s and 90’s.

She noted that “anticipation, not reacting, is key” for a successful investment strategy. Sudden market declines occur periodically, and no one has been able to successfully time the market, but the overall trend has been upward; the longer your timeframe, the more solid this trend becomes. The world is flooded with news, but “you will be defined by your actions when the markets move down.”

But will history repeat itself? Future unknowns include computerized trading and new technology, government intervention, new regulations, higher taxes and inflation, terrorism and possible nuclear holocaust. So, take advantage of time diversification and always be prepared for volatility.

Retired or semi-retired men from Meriden or surrounding communities, interested in attending a Y’s Men of Meriden meeting, are invited to call 203-238-7784 or visit the www.ysmenofmeriden.com website.

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