Maloney Athletic Department Turkey Food Drive Fundraiser

Maloney Athletic Department Turkey Food Drive Fundraiser

On Saturday, Nov. 18, the Maloney Athletic Dept. hosted its second annual Maloney defeats Hunger turkey/food drive at the Stop and Shop on Broad Street in Meriden. Some students on the athletic teams came out to volunteer their time in the frigid temperatures to collect food for those in need in Meriden.  In the four hours the students ran the food drive and collected 25 turkeys and five grocery carts of food. Members of the community were generous enough to donate almost $300. With the extra money they went shopping and filled an additional two grocery carts of food to raise their total to seven carts. All of the food collected was donated to two local Meriden food pantries between the Meriden Salvation Army and the Franciscan Sisters of Eucharist.

The students who volunteered to make this event a success are: Dominic Oliveri, cross country; Zach Oliveri, baseball; Regan Maloney, girls soccer and softball; Isabel Frazza, volleyball and softball; McKenzie Wrinn, girls soccer; Anna Hendrickson, volleyball and softball; Olivia Aitken, girls soccer and basketball; Ally Grignano, girls soccer; Hannah Showerda, girls soccer and track; and Grace Anetrella, volleyball.

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