Meriden Poet: Brief and  Shining Moment

Meriden Poet: Brief and  Shining Moment

One brief and shining moment,

On that plaza, cheers, and waves,

So momentous, time won't recover,

On that horror, November day

How  that heartbreak so long lingers,

Reel to reel, we'll forever cry,

Just, WHO?? We point the finger,

And, still question, how and why,

That brief and shining moment,

Cheering, joyful, sounds the echo,

Shots, invaded tears, of moaning,

Wave, goodbye, oh, from the hello,

That smile, that love, will still remain,

Our Most Beloved, John F. Kennedy,

History, asking, and sorrow, remains,

Your epic brotherhood, shall forever be...

Although, that nightmare, hath begot,

Hope, dreams, forever,

The peace, of Camelot…

Mary Morley, Meriden

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