Jason Mraz brought “Good Vibes” to Mohegan Sun

Jason Mraz brought “Good Vibes” to Mohegan Sun

Pop singer-songwriter Jason Mraz brought his “Good Vibes” to Mohegan Sun on Saturday night as part of his current tour to promote his upcoming new album, “Know.” Two words that could easily describe the evening were “positivity” and “love.”

Mraz was very talkative with the audience throughout the night, explaining that you could make the show be anything you wanted. He said, “If you want to sing along, then sing along; if you want to take nap, then take a nap; it could be anything you want it to be.”

The show began with Mraz walking on stage in a lavender jumpsuit (which looked like a faded mechanic’s outfit “to fix your broken hearts”) and an acoustic guitar to ease the audience into the show with “You And I.”

His nine-piece backing band thened join him on stage for “Living In The Moment” and “Curbside Prophet” as Mraz rolled through the lyrics like a hip-hop artist. The audience quickly got involved, swaying their hands back and forth in the air and even performing “the wave” around the entire arena.

Mraz showed off his dance moves on one of his new tracks, “Unlonely,” before getting almost everyone to stand up for his hit single “I’m Yours.”

Jason Mraz found himself solo on stage once again, talking about how the word “love” has so many different meanings and how the world would be a better place if everyone substituted the word “love” in place of the “f-word.” Then he paid tribute to one of his earliest influences by performing an acoustic version of Fred Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” This began the, quieter, folksy portion of the evening as Mraz and part of his backing band, Raining Jane, performed “Long Drive” and “Quiet” to perfection with exceptional harmonies.

The full band rejoined Mraz for another new song, “Might As Well Dance,” and it felt like he has already been performing this song live for years. The band jammed on the heartfelt ballad “93 Million Miles,” as Mraz even added some lyrics of Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song.”

Everyone found themselves singing along to the uplifting ballad “I Won’t Give Up,” before Mraz closed the show with the lead single from his new album, “Have It All.”

The whole night oozed with positive vibes and well wishes and Jason Mraz fixed everyone’s broken heart that evening.

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