OUT & ABOUT: Southington’s Evidence of Evil creates interactive haunted experience

OUT & ABOUT: Southington’s Evidence of Evil creates interactive haunted experience

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SOUTHINGTON — Pure terror awaits patrons of the satanic-themed house behind Crystal Bees this Halloween season.

“We’re trying to change the way people experience haunted houses,” said Bobby Besaw, co-owner of Evidence of Evil production company.

Besaw and fellow Evidence of Evil co-owner David Belas are gearing up to introduce people to the interactive experience, which opens to the public Friday.

“You’re going to be part of the story line,” Besaw said.

“This is not a passive experience,” said Belas, who is also assistant general manager at Crystal Bees. 

Participants will venture through several rooms in the open-ceiling structure.

“It was a religious house that was overrun by a satanic cult,” Besaw said of the story line.

Jasmine Peck. who plays a blood-stained woman, is among the creepy characters waiting for guests.

“I made it up,” Peck said of her character. “It’s a homemade outfit, consignment store, and this is a mold of my face.”

The mask completes the ghostly look, along with Peck’s contortionist abilities, as she lurks in the halls.

“I love scaring people,” she said.

Last year, Evidence of Evil created a serial killer-themed escape room, “The Chamber,” with a time limit and puzzles to solve. Besaw and Belas started thinking about where the serial killer character would live and came up with the satanic house.

“It kind of just snowballed from there,” Belas said.

“It’s more than just jumping out and scaring people,” Besaw added.

Besaw said his main inspiration is his unique upbringing.

“My father was a magician and my mom was the birthday clown,” he said. “I’ve always loved Halloween ever since I was a kid.”

Over a dozen actors will immerse guests into the Evidence of Evil story. From old VHS cassettes, to distressed tag sale finds, Besaw and Belas want their audience to notice every detail.

“Every room is going to have a main character and they’re going to introduce the customers into the story line,” Besaw said. 

“We want you to feel like you’ve lost control of the situation,” he said.

Crystal Bees is at 240 Spring St. More information can be found at http://evidenceofevil.net/.

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