OUT AND ABOUT: Wallingford celebrates 25th annual SkyHoundz dog event

OUT AND ABOUT: Wallingford celebrates 25th annual SkyHoundz dog event

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WALLINGFORD – Frisbees flew around Doolittle Park as dogs raced against the clock to catch the discs during the recent 25th annual SkyHoundz competition event.

“The last three years we did it,” said Wallingford resident Jim Millspaugh, the first place winner for the second time with his six-year old chocolate Labrador Dolan. “He did well this year.”

Dolan joined four other local dogs to compete in the event.

The parks and recreation department puts on the SkyHoundz-sponsored competition every year and encourages all breeds to take part.

The dogs have 60 seconds to catch a Frisbee thrown by their owner. Points are awarded based on distance.

“People are really into it,” said Michelle Bjorkman, superintendent of parks and recreation. “We’ve had two world champions come through.”

Bjorkman started the event while working as an intern for the recreation department.

Inclement weather last month forced the postponement of the event twice. Despite the later date, over 100 people and their dogs attended.

In celebration of the event’s 25th year, guests were given dog bowls to fill up with ice cream sundaes.

After two rounds of disc tosses, Dolan received the most points with several mid-air catches.

East Hartford resident and dog trainer Ricky Jones and his 5-year old Border Collie, Iver, took second place. 

“It’s been about four years with him,” Jones said about Iver’s history in the competition.

He also brought along his other dog, 3-year old Serenity, to compete for the second time.

“This is a good event, it’s a good turnout,” Jones said. “Any dog can get involved.”

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