Stop sign considered for Bradley Avenue in Meriden

Stop sign considered for Bradley Avenue in Meriden

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MERIDEN — An upcoming Public Safety forum will allow residents to weigh in on adding a new stop sign to Bradley Avenue and hear statistics on speed, accidents and traffic volume in the area.

After residents complained about speeding in the area, police started increasing enforcement.

The forum is scheduled for Dec. 13. The stop sign is being considered for the intersection of Bradley Avenue and Harvard Avenue.

”A lot of the residents who currently reside on Bradley Avenue were concerned about the speed of the cars that travel that street regularly,” said City Councilor Larue Graham, chairman of the council’s public safety committee. “There are certainly people who take advantage of the long stretch without stop lights or signs and exceed the speed limit.”

Traffic volume, speeds and accident rates will be presented by Police Chief Jeffry Cossette, who will make the decision on whether to add the sign. Contrary to popular belief, Cossette said stop signs are meant to improve traffic flow, not reduce speed.

A speed study completed by the department showed cars traveled at an average speed of 32 miles per hour through the area, exceeding the 25 mile per hour posted speed limit. 

“It seems alarming but the way to address that could be with selective enforcement rather than a stop sign,” Cossette said.

A traffic study conducted over 12 days in October showed an average of 1,293 cars passing through the area a day, significantly lower than state recommendations calling for signs to be placed in areas exceeding 2,000 cars per day. 

The department is continuing to collect crash data, which will be shared at the meeting. Until then, police will be using selective enforcement and monitoring if more police presence impacts traffic trends in the neighborhood. 

“I’m always willing to hear from residents to see what their concerns are ,” Cossette said.

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