Hartford Healthcare administered ineffective vaccines, tuberculosis tests 

Hartford Healthcare administered ineffective vaccines, tuberculosis tests 

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Hartford Healthcare said Tuesday that 947 people will need to be re-vaccinated after its chain of facilities administered ineffective doses.  

Spokeswoman Rebecca Stewart said that some of the tuberculosis tests administered by the healthcare network recently were also ineffective. She said exposure to fluctuating temperatures rendered the vaccines and tests ineffective. 

Hartford Healthcare discovered the ineffective vaccines were administered at facilities in Plainville, Vernon, Colchester, Norwichtown and Duncaster, while ineffective tuberculosis tests were used at locations in Meriden, Wallingford, and Montville. Stewart said patients face no health risks, but she recommended they return to a doctor for a free test or vaccine, administered for free. 

Stewart said the healthcare network discovered fluctuating temperatures after it enacted new auditing procedures at all of its facilities. The problem effected several vaccinations, including flu, tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis, pneumococcal, and hepatitis B. 

Stewart the incident, which Hartford Healthcare self-reported, should remind patients to ask their doctors about the storage conditions for vaccines. She also said the healthcare network, the second largest in the state, has taken several steps aimed at preventing similar problems in the future. 

Those steps include on site re-education of staff at all locations; daily temperature log recording and reporting; monthly review of temperature logs; periodic on-site vaccine storage audits; ongoing standardization and placement of digital temperature data recorders at all sites without them; and the installtion of new technology that removes human error by utilizing a central monitoring system with real time alerts for all sites.



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