Maloney High School theater students ready for fall play in Meriden

Maloney High School theater students ready for fall play in Meriden

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MERIDEN — Maloney High School theater students have been preparing since September for “The Man Who Came to Dinner.”

The classic comedy was originally released as a black and white movie in the 1940s and is set in the 1930s. 

“I wanted to do a classic comedy and this is just about as classic comedy as you can get,” director David Pelletier said. 

The show continues with performances Saturday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.


Cast members were tasked with learning the dialogue of the time period.


“The first time I heard the script, I had absolutely no idea what it said,” said Jeremy Szawerda, a senior playing Mr. Stanley. “When you do the research and you look about what it means, you’re like ‘oh, that was actually really funny.’”


Some students have focused on knowing their characters inside and out to give their best performance. Lia Cruz, a sophomore playing Maggie Cutler, has researched her character’s interests, which “helps with development of characters.”


“It’s important to learn everything you can. It’s not about pretending to be someone, it’s more like you become someone else for a short period of time,” said sophomore Sarah Castro, who is playing Lorraine Sheldon. 

The audience should expect to be taken back in time to when they see the show, said Weston Pytel, a junior playing Sheridan Whiteside.

“We really put a lot of work into making sure everything was from the certain time era and not a few decades later,” Cruz said. 

The cast is excited to have a fresh audience to perform for, since most of the people watching their final rehearsals have seen it many times and already know the script.

“I want to see the audience response,” Cruz said. “I’m so excited to hear the audience’s laughter.”


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