Anonymous note found at Meriden City Hall generates complaint, criticism

Anonymous note found at Meriden City Hall generates complaint, criticism

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MERIDEN — An anonymous note was slipped under the office door of two employees hired by former City Manager Guy Scaife the day after Scaife was fired stating, “you two are next to go.”

Police responded to City Hall, but said they are no longer investigating because no crime was committed.

City Council Democrats voted to terminate ScaifeDec. 18, citing “discord” in City Hall. It was an 8 to 4 vote along party lines.

Sgt. Christopher Fry said officers received a complaint from Communications Manager Cheryl Costello at about 2 p.m. Dec. 19 stating she found the note after it was slid under her door. Costello shares an office on the first floor of City Hall with Director of Facilities and Technology Russ Ford, both of whom worked with Scaife previously in Rocky Hill.

Scaife created Costello and Ford’s jobs and hired them without posting the positions publicly last year. The anonymous note was written in black ink and had two smiley faces on either side of the message. 

Fry said police canvassed the interior of the building and questioned possible witnesses regarding the note but turned up no leads, and the matter is no longer being investigated because it doesn’t constitute a criminal act, Fry said. 

“There’s no crime here,” Fry said. “The police department won’t be investigating.”

City Council Minority Leader Dan Brunet said Acting City Manager Ken Morgan and Human Resources Director MarciNogueira should pursue the matter, as “clearly they have someone with issues roaming the halls of City Hall.”

“I feel the note was an egregious act of threatening that needs to be reconciled,” Brunet said. “The timing and who it was directed to is indicative of an orchestrated effort to discredit (Scaife)…Being clear, it’s related to the city manager’s firing.”

Mayor Kevin Scarpati said he was there when the note was discovered and also interpreted it as a threat.

“It definitely creates a work environment for those individuals and others that is unacceptable,” Scarpati said. “It is something that no one should have to deal with. We’re all professionals in the workplace and that’s how we should handle ourselves, without passing threatening anonymous notes underneath doors.”

Morgan, Nogueira, Costello and Ford did not return requests for comment Friday.

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