Meriden schools restructure to address assistant superintendent vacancy

Meriden schools restructure to address assistant superintendent vacancy

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MERIDEN — The Board of Education this week agreed to eliminate the assistant superintendent’s position vacated by Miguel Cardona and a director’s position to make way for two new director posts that will consolidate responsibilities.

The new positions will cost the district $54,700 less than the current $168,300 for the assistant superintendent and director’s salaries. The restructuring eliminates the superintendent for teaching and learning post held by Cardona and replaces it with a director of teaching and innovation. 

Cardona left the school system recently to become state education commissioner.

The director for teaching and innovation is a non-union cabinet-level position that covers the entire district. The position is paid for by state and foundation grants, including the Alliance Grant. It includes work on a district-wide improvement plan. 

The board agreed Tuesday to eliminate the director of curriculum and instructional technology and replace it with a director of school leadership. The Wallace Grant will fund 25 percent of the salary. The new director will work with and coach principals and implement school improvement plans. The director will also support city elementary school principals in the implementation of a multi-tiered system of support as well as out-of-district requests and parent communications.  

“I always think we want to be ahead of the curve,” said Assistant Superintendent Louis Bronk. “How do you support the principal?”

The district has two years left of the five-year Wallace Grant which needs to be geared toward principal development, said Superintendent Mark Benigni. “This will at least give us a two-year window.”

“We are really creating a position that supports the process,” Benigni said. “We are taking away some of the management functions to supervise and coach at the elementary level.”

Members of the Finance Subcommittee approved the plan before bringing it to the full school board for final approval.

“I believe this is for the  betterment of Meriden Public Schools,” said Republican board member Al Pronovost.
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