Meriden quarry proposes concrete recycling facility

Meriden quarry proposes concrete recycling facility

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MERIDEN — The Suzio York Hill company is expected to  present plans to add a new concrete recycling facility to its Westfield Road operation at an upcoming Planning Commission meeting.

The facility will sort concrete, stone and sand so the materials can be used for other purposes, indicative of an industry trend toward more sustainable practices.

“More and more, that’s definitely the way of the future for everybody,” Suzio said. “It’s not real profitable. It’s really a way to just recycle the material instead of just dumping it some place.”

The project replaces an older recycling facility at 975 Westfield Road. The company has been recycling concrete since the 1970s, Suzio said. 

Plans call for a 1,200-square-foot building and accompanying 7,500 square foot open air space, with several holding pits located about 300 feet southwest of the main offices. Trucks will transport leftover concrete to the new facility, which will sort the materials using a large screw mechanism and water filtration system into separate piles of stone, sand and concrete.

The materials can then be sold for reuse in other projects, but the stone and sand can also be utilized under bedding plants in nurseries or as a filler for closing landfills, Suzio said. Selling the recycled products is not particularly profitable. 

“We realize we have to do something to limit the concrete waste, so it’s just one of the costs of doing business,” Suzio said. “If we can sell some of it, that’s great, but it’s really just a waste disposal with some recycling coming out of it.”

A trend toward more sustainable practices is the norm for concrete production facilities in urban settings such as Meriden, Suzio said

The project received conditional approval from the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission on Dec. 6, according to Associate City Planner Paul Dickson, who added the project includes the construction of a water basin that would increase the quality of storm water run off in the area. 

“It’s a net improvement for storm water quality for the site from a wetlands point of view,” Dickson said. 

The Planning Commission is expected to review the project Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall Room 131.

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