The latest real estate sales in Meriden for  June 13 – 20.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for  June 13 – 20.

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JMA Group LLC to Merallys Gonzalez and Harvey I. Lopez, 193 Hanover St., $215,000.               

John D. Lugli and Catherine M. Lugli to National Res Nominee Svcs, 52 Mildred Road, $203,000.

William J. Purcell and Linda S. Purcella to Yerenia Castro, 120 Wall St., $173,000.

Kenneth & M. Collett RET and Kenneth L. Collett to Charles K. Collett, 36 Wilson Ave., $145,000.

Kathleen M. Brown and Wendy L. Doyer to Matthew R. Baez and Melissa J. Baez, 225 Douglas Drive, $140,000.

Suzanne S. Banning and David Banning to Samantha L. Raffles and Michael Z. Raffles, 25 Grove Road, $160,000.

Joseph Barbieur to Jorge Flores, 112 Atkins St., $176,000.

USA HUD to Joshua Salako, 184 Gravel St., Unit 12, $93,665.

Patrick M. Michaud to Jeffrey Cerasale and Shariann Cerasale, 814 Blackstone Village, $62,000.

Judith A. Derosa to Kelly A. Bristol, 34 Essex Court, $121,000.

Miguel A. Estrella to William Castillo, 1274 S. Broad St., Unit C12, $55,000.

Mary Ellen Gross EST and Winding Brook Townhouse to Winding Brook Townhouse, 108 Metacomet Drive, $112,000.

Drina Mitchelle to Elissa Evanauskas, 267 KEsteven Court, $135,000.

Andrew S. Weinberger and  A R Searle-Weinberger to Jennifer A. Sirch, 560 Yale Ave., Unit 212, $136,000.

Antonio Saia to Julio Chunir, 47 Pine St., $77,000.

Esteban Suarez and Deutsche Bank Natl T. Co. to Deutsche Bank Natl T. Co., 120 Oak St., $113,173.

FNMA to Andrene Ewen, 79 Linsley Ave., $125,000.

USA Hud to Maria R. Galan Chiriboga, 80 South Ave., $100,000.

Brian Rodrigues to Shriji Properties LLC, 152 Britannia St., $170,000.