The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Aug. 7 —14.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Aug. 7 —14.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Aug. 7 – 14.

Jeffrey A. Leach and Jennifer S. Leach to Carroll Nsubuga, 278 Edgemark Acres, $350,000.

Antonio Ieraci and Meredith Ieraci to Randy Parisi and Nicole Parisi, 41 Overlook Drive, $339,000. 

Kara G. Keeton to Geoff Landon and Mackenzie Weborg, 60 Dryden Drive, $269,900.

James Frayler to Yazmin Ortiz, 240 Bunker Ave., $205,000.

Jason D. Chandler and Jaclyn A. Chandler to Yamaris Galicia and Jeffrey Montalvo, 81 Cartpath Drive, $194,500.

Richard Williams and Edith Williams to Jair Gonzalez, 165 N. Wall St., $209,000.

Charito Coriano to Susan Almeida, 110 Linsley Ave., $155,000.

Robert J. Souza to Annelli A. Gallardo, 41 Sunset Ave., $176,400.

Arthur W. Heroux and Kate Heidel-Heroux to Daniel Roman and Juan Alvelo, 160 Curtis St., $135,100.

Edison E. Taco and Paola D. Rodas-Mizhquero to Jose Cusnia, 128 Reservoir Ave., $100,000.

Caroline M. Nobert EST and Terra Pelletier to James Ficher, 497 Gracey Ave., $125,000.

Randy A. Parisi and Nicole Parisi to Christian Parisi and Emily Wheeler, 28 Fairway Drive, $210,000.

Craig J. Plourde to Michael J. Heath, 16 Forest Ave., $165,000.

Dean E. Loucks and Cynthia M. Loucks to Malachi S. Bunch, 30 Morse St., $170,000.

USA HUD to Joseph L. Media and Erica L. Brownstein, 560 Yale Ave., Unit 168, Suffolk Court Cond,  $110.000.

Kyle S. Magoon and Melanie C. Boober to Jaylan R. Outlaw and Timothy C. Graham, 58 Lynn Drive, $200,000.

Omar Hamideh to Mirta Gonzalez and Osvaldo G. Santiago, 1396 N. Colony Road, 1D, Roselyn Gardens, $105,000.

Thomas P. Mack to Tomas Alicea and Diana Alicea, 44 Linda Court, $265,000.

Jessie Hetrick to Kevin J. Lamay, 1001 Old Colony Road, 7-5 Pine Meadow, $8,700.

Robert Coppola to PF Mik Realty LLC, 1001 Old Colony Road, 7-19, 40,000.

Samer Alhallak to Kalpesh and Mahesh Patel, 70 Walt Drive, $335,000.

Bozena Pietras to Robert R. Rainville, 85 Church Hill Chase, $231,000.

Daniel B. Fitzgerald to Jeanna Strillacci, 433 Blackstone Village, Unit 443, $90,000.

Ginette A. Purchell to Wallace S. Jones and Heidi A. Jones, 89 Patton Drive, $250,000.

Robert J & K S Huhtanen T. and K. Stafford-Huhtanen to John Steinbeck, 137 Crown St., $2,500.

Leonard Street Development LLC to James C. Allen and Brenda L. Darden-Allen, 58 Leonard St., Unit 405, $273,000.


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