Kiwanis Club readies annual variety show

Kiwanis Club readies annual variety show


MERIDEN — Slapstick, songs and dance were rehearsed by the Kiwanis Club of Meriden Wednesday night at Lincoln Middle School for the club’s 62nd annual variety show.

Cast members of Kiwanis Kapers Goes to Camp with Community Talent Show, perfected their acts for Friday and Saturday’s performances. Routines were all camp-themed and included actors and actresses donning “Camp Kiwanis” T-shirts and maroon baseball caps. Classic routines were rehearsed by longtime club members and other comedic skits had people in hysterics. In between Kaper routines, people from the community sang and played instruments.

“It’s a fun family act,” said Kiwanis President Lauren Rizzuto. “It’s good clean fun.”

All of the proceeds raised from the event goes back into the community, Rizzuto said. The show is the club’s biggest fundraiser.

Both Friday and Saturday’s shows begin at 7 p.m. at Lincoln Middle School. Each show features a different group of community talent. At Wednesday night’s rehearsal, seven people who will perform in Saturday night’s show rehearsed. Most sang songs while others played instruments. Rizzuto said the audience will vote for a youth and adult favorite at each night’s show. Winners receive cash prizes.

“It’s a great show,” Rizzuto said. “I used to come to the Kapers show as a child with my grandma.”

As she was growing up, Rizzuto said, she watched her parents perform in the show. When it came time get involved in the community, Rizzuto said it was an easy decision to take part in Kiwanis.

“It’s an awesome club,” she said.

When everyone was dressed and ready, rehearsal began. The entire cast came out in their T-shirts and shorts behind a forest backdrop. They sang and greeted the audience before a silly act was performed. Longtime Kiwanis member Priscilla Lippitt, who’s performed in all of the Kapers’ shows, came out on to the stage and sang, “You Make Me Feel So Young.” She received a large round of applause from those sitting in the audience.

A drill team did a skit that spoofed on the popular TV show “Duck Dynasty,” ukuleles were played and other comedic routines were performed.

“It’s an opportunity to go out there and do something for the community,” said Kiwanis member Sandi Gollnick. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Gollnick said she stays involved because she likes the fun of seeing everyone in costume.

Throughout the rehearsal, magic acts were performed, and longtime member George Hamrah put on a skit as well.

Rizzuto said Hamrah was “showing off his legs and his talent for the show.”

The show will be performed Friday Nov. 1 and Saturday Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. at Lincoln Middle School. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Tickets are available at Hancock’s Pharmacy or from any club member. (203) 317-2279 Twitter: @KPrimicerioRJ

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