Construction work at Maloney High School on schedule

Construction work at Maloney High School on schedule


MERIDEN — Cranes were moving construction materials, trucks were driving back and forth and workers were all over the grounds of Maloney High School Wednesday. Nearly all of the area to the north side of the building has been transformed into a construction site, other than the school’s baseball field.

The $107.5 million renovation project is well underway and the new addition to the school is moving along at a rapid pace.

With plans for a four-story classroom wing on the north side of the building, the renovation hit a significant milestone Wednesday when the first piece of steel was installed.

Shortly after 11 a.m., a large crane hoisted a steel beam into the air and maneuvered it over the crescent-shaped wing.

It was lowered to the east side of the wing, where a small group of workers put it in place. City Manager Lawrence J. Kendzior, Deputy Mayor Matthew C. Dominello and city Purchasing Officer Wilma Petro, along with former city councilors, were on hand to watch and receive an update on the project.

They walked the grounds with former City Councilor George McGoldrick, who was hired by architectural firm Fletcher Thompson to help with on-site review.

“It’s on schedule,” said Kendzior, who appeared pleased with his review of the site.

The laying of the first piece of steel is significant in the construction field, as the school classroom wing will begin moving upward and taking shape.

Since June, construction crews have been on site for the project, which is expected to last up to four years. Renovations include updating the interior and exterior of the building to “like new,” adding the new wing and upgrading facilities like the gym and auditorium.

All of the work is happening for now at the north end of Maloney.

Upon entering the gate to the construction site and parking in a makeshift parking lot, visitors are met with immediate construction work.

To the northwest of the construction site, workers are installing a stormwater drainage system, McGoldrick said.

The system was orchestrated by local engineering firm Luchs Engineering.

Much of the focus of work is on the new wing, however, which will connect to the building.

The structure is scheduled to be completed for the new school year in October 2014. 203-317-2266 Twitter: @DanBrechlinRJ


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