School board adopts BYOD

School board adopts BYOD


MERIDEN — The Board of Education voted to adopt the school system’s Bring Your Own Device initiative and also embraced a new feature to the teacher and administrator evaluation system at a meeting Wednesday night.

After Roger Sherman School students were congratulated for being model citizens and incumbent board members were praised for retaining their seats on the board after Tuesday’s election, board members voted on the two topics.

They agreed to adopt the Bring Your Own Device program for all students throughout the school system. This means the program won’t run as a pilot, but will be part of the norm from now on.

The board also approved a motion that would allow the school system to sign an amendment that would eliminate standardized test scores from the state’s new mandated teacher and administration evaluation process.

“This is a positive move,” said board member Scott Hozebin, who won his bid for re-election Tuesday night. “It’s damaging for an urban city to attach this.”

Evaluation specialist Miguel Cardona said the amendment was sparked by changes at the state level. Each school district is being asked to sign the amendment and not use the standardized test scores when evaluating its teachers and administrators, Cardona said.

With the BYOD initiative, Mark Hughes, board president, said the school system is moving in the right direction. (203) 317-2279 Twitter: @KPrimicerioRJ

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