Meriden students have chance to learn about legal careers

Meriden students have chance to learn about legal careers


MERIDEN — High school students will learn about legal careers during Law Career Day next month.

The conference, which will take place at the Board of Education building on May 2, is a way to educate Platt and Maloney students about different jobs in the legal field.

Organizer Elwyn Quirk, a Meriden attorney, is a member of the New Haven County Bar Association, which is sponsoring Law Day in the city on May 1. Law Day, a national celebration of the court system, is usually recognized in the city and surrounding towns by having groups of students visit local courts to watch proceedings.

Quirk said the career event the following day is an effort by attorneys to educate students about the professionals involved in court proceedings.

“For some, any experience they’ve had with the law might have been a negative one, and there’s so much more to it,” Quirk said.

Roughly 50 students will attend the career event. They will hear presentations from attorneys, court clerks, judges, paralegals and law students.

It’s also hopefully an avenue to generate internships for students interested in law, Quirk said.

Miguel Cardona, performance evaluation specialist for the school system, has been working with Quirk to organize the event.

“This will be a great way for our students to start looking forward to a career in law,” he said. “An opportunity for kids to see themselves in these roles.”

Cardona said if a student is considering becoming a lawyer it is a long process.

“It’s so important to set a trajectory early.” Cardona said.

“This is a time for us to give students an opportunity to see what they need to start thinking about now.”

For legal professionals it is a way to connect back with students, Quirk said.

“It’s good for our legal community to be involved in the Meriden community as a whole,” Quirk said. (203) 317-2279 Twitter: @MollCal

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