Part of State Street to close for Meriden hub project

Part of State Street to close for Meriden hub project


MERIDEN — The northbound lane of State Street, beginning at East Main Street, is expected to be closed for months so work can proceed at the Meriden Hub.

An announcement on the city’s website said the street was supposed to be closed beginning Thursday, Aug. 14. But it remained open and work had not started near State Street and East Main Street. City Planner Dominick Caruso said he is not sure when the street will reopen. Motorists are encouraged to use Pratt and Mill streets.

The general contractor, LaRosa Construction, will be doing significant excavation near the corner and the street will need additional support to keep it in place, said Public Works Director Robert Bass.

“They have to drive sheet (pilings) in order to support the roads and to support the soil,” Bass said.

Connected sheet piles create a wall used to keep soil in place. In this case, it will also keep the street and the lane closest to the Hub in place.

The southwest corner of the Hub will be at a higher elevation than much of the property, allowing for a “overlook” of the entire park, Bass said. Harbor Brook will flow directly under the concrete overlook area and people standing there will be able to see the brook flowing into the culvert under State Street. Some trees and an area with benches are planned near the intersection.

The Hub is being turned into a park that will provide flood control in the city’s center. Harbor Brook, which flows under the 14-acre site, will be exposed and moved toward the center of the park. Pedestrian bridges and an amphitheater will be built. Trees and shrubs will be planted.

Crews have been digging a new channel for the brook. They have also been grading the park to the proper elevations before exposing the brook. (203) 317-2266 Twitter: @DanBrechlinRJ

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