Meriden property transfers

Meriden property transfers



MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Oct. 31 to Nov. 13

Lawrence A. Tarca to Gregory Casey, 148 Sagamore Road, $128,000.

Claudia A. Wickstrand to Irene M. Sufin, Unit 200, Sterling Village Condo, $125,000.

Virginia M. Rietze to Sharon B. Krischtschun, 71 Reservoir Ave., $50,000.

Lynne Gousheski to Marisol Lopez, 212 Reservoir Ave., $146,000.

Richard Reyes and Janice Havrilla to Shane P. and Abbey E. Seaman, 907 N. Colony Road, $100,000.

Douglas A. and Kerri A. Kohlun to James L. Knapp, Jr., Unit 5, Building 12, Winding Brook Condo, $128,500.

Lori Bellis, Peter L. and Elissa J. Salomone to Ismael Chino and Laura Chumacero, 25 Elizabeth Road, $135,000.

Christine Sima to Christopher Evans and Alison Stratton, 94 Carpenter Ave., $145,000.

Kim D. Tomaso to RCM Capital, LLC, 57 Forest Ave., $62,000.

Lynn F. Paton to Kenneth S. Post, Unit 125, Building 12, Mattabasset Condo, $147,000.

Berkeley Florian to Robert Dow, 175 Douglas Drive, $149,000.

Ann M. Tall to Khalid Enterprises, Inc., 187 Oak St., $125,000.

Gertrude M. Papallo to Khalid Enterprises, Inc., 187 Oak St., $125,000.

Michael Martorelli to Jose and Stephanie Cruz, 127 Victoria Drive, $238,000.

United States of America to Barbara Fairclough-Newman, Unit 116, Building 1, Blackstone Village Condo, $45,213.

Teresa Littlejohn and Johnny D. Harris to Haberfield Enterprises, LLC, 206 Crown St., $95,000.

Andrea A. and Jason S. Burke to Bernard L. Tompkins, 82 Columbus Ave., $95,000.

Allen G. and Patricia A. Hergott to Jorge Chaparro, 115 Winthrop Terrace, $205,000.

Patricio Muniz to Joshua Ray Ogletree, 83 Myrtle St., $117,900.

Deborah A. Granger to Kyle S. Magoon and Melanie C. Boober, 58 Lynn Drive, $185,000.

Arline M. Scofield to Joyce Cumberlidge, 106 Reynolds Drive, $150,000.

Jean M. Saunders to Michael L. Hains, 64 Webb St., $191,001.

Equity Trust Company Custodian to Celia I. Sutera, 54 McKenzie Ave., $137,000.

George R. and Geraldine J. Goodwin to Wesley Niemiec, 68 Dexter Ave., $147,500.

US Bank to Mike Mingolello, 91 New Hanover Ave., $43,299.

Wells Fargo Bank to Mike Mingolello, 368 Spring St., $60,199.

Wells Fargo Bank to Mike Mingolello, 98 Warren St., $17,299.

US Bank to Daniel Knudsen, 38 Oak St., $59,698.

Ramona Scotto to Mary L. Scotto, 127 Winthrop Terrace, $45,700.

Samuel Acevedo and Angela Rivera to Michael Hains, 247 Cook Ave., $70,000.

Gary J. and Debra R. Kuziel to Ryan Kuziel, 76 Bellevue, $116,000.

John Gazerwitz to Miguel Carrasco, 135 Camp St., $64,000.

Raymond and Shirley Stone to Kimberly A. Burns, 598 Hanover St., $149,900.

US Bank to Gail A. Scott, Unit A-12, Atrium Condo, $35,000.

Sherry A. Renaldi to William T. Holland, 75 Dogleg Drive, $159,000.

Robert M. and Dolores M. Tangney to Kevin M. Tangney, 90 Sylvan Valley Road, $110,000.

Jennifer Manes to Christopher Jae Bevins, Unit 274, Sterling Village, $103,000.

William Roach to Gabriel Montero, Jr., 52-54 Franklin Ave., $199,900.

Joseph Nunes and Anthony Volo to Handy Guys, LLC, 40 Greenway Place, $66,500.


SOUTHINGTON — Property transfers reported from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12

Andrew and Patricia Samselski Testa to Tanya Riddick, 71 Hobart St., $202,000.

Paul and Shari A. Miller to Nurbin Karatas and Burc Ozkan, 201 Monarch Drive, $392,500.

DBF, LLC to WD Construction, LLC, 185 W. Pines Drive, $155,000.

LAV Corporation to Brandon Petit and Frank E. Bavaro, 11 Center Place, $109,000.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Renato S. and Anna Liza Abastillas, 174 Rochela Drive, $627,433.

AA Denorfia Building & Development, LLC to John J. O’Connor, 115 Walker’s Crossing, Lot 9, $404,560.

LePage Homes, Inc. to Julian Falla, 500 Mill St., Unit 7, $276,280.

Gennaro R. and Mary Ann Meccariello to Sean Salvatore and Chelsea Keegan, 183 Hobart St., $276,000.

Wai Ho Cheng to West Queen Developers, LLC, 6 Upson Drive, $165,000.

Philip Nanfito to Paul Mariani, 119 Winding Ridge, Lot 4, $95,000.

Edward B. Gallagher to Randy and Suzanne Rurig, 124 Delahunty Drive, $330,000.

Mary Beth Morach to Monica DuBois, 19 Susan Lane, $295,000.

Jack M. and Gina C. Wenz to Sarah Schinis, 52-54 Round Hill Road, $320,000.

Landmark Properties, LLC to Niles Pierson, 148-150 Center St., $279,000.

Gunia Builders, LLC to John and Anna Vischio, 260 W. Pines Drive, $529,000.


CHESHIRE — Property transfers reported from Nov. 4 to Nov. 8

Investech, LLC and 30 Tyler Street to Solnik & Piroli Developers, LLC and 5 Terrell Farms Way, 25 Prinz Court, $175,000.

Paul A. Brooks to Marion Monti, Jr., 823 Moss Farms Road, $250,000.

Peter A. Aldino and Margaret Bivana to Joan E. Rondon, 46 Quarry Village Road, $222,000.

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