Meriden Property Transfers

Meriden Property Transfers


MERIDEN- Property transfers reported from Dec. 10 to Dec. 16

US Bank to IFS Properties, LLC, 46 Charles St., $80,325.

William J. Straub to Thomas Gildersleeve, Jr. 21 Greenbriar Road, $152,000.

Teresa L. Smith to Alejandro Lopez, 55 Lowe Ave., $95,000.

Robert W. Thompson to Carbonpro, LLC, 130 Golden St., $675,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Margolnick, 38 Ann View Terrace, $60,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Vincente Cusnia, 90 Sunset Ave., $60,250.

Barbara W. Smith to Pedro and Benedices Lopez, 62 Sunbright Drive North, $105,000.

Paul and Yolanda Novicelli to Philip P. Fernandez, 42 Pearl St., $125,000.

United States of America to Vanessa M. Deleon, Unit 103, Quinnipiac Village Condo, $62,900.

Robert J. and Hazel R. Grimord to Chesloe Properties, LLC, 58 Milton Drive, $115,000.

Amy Truskowski to Tom Maricely, 125 Avery Ave., $125,000.

Siobhan M. Springer to Warren G. Nord IV, 41 Old Stagecoach Raod, $166,000.

US Bank to Mourad Mourabit, 40 and 48 Fair St., $67,110.

Matthew G. Kmec to Wendy C. Ruiz, 11 South Court, $164,000.

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