Meriden property transfers

Meriden property transfers


MERIDEN- Property transfers reported from Dec. 17 to Dec. 31

Neil J. Reardon to Siobhan M. Springer, 45 Jeffrey Lane, $175,500.

Christopher C. Miller to Kyle L. Hoffman, 74 Cheshire Road, $125,000.

Meriden Young Men’s Christian Association Inc. to State of Connecticut, 88 State St., $675,000.

Marc R. and Lonny S. Cohen to Ethan Properties, LLC, 41 Morse St., $17,000.

Ellen J. Satagaj to Magdalesia Garcia, 51 Parkside St. aka 51 Parkside Terrace, $165,000.

Deborah Isaacs to Zulma Santana, 233 Hamilton St., $155,000.

Raymond F. Parmentier to Linda B. Rauscher, 11 Devon Court, $120,000.

Rosaura, Robert J. and Paul Eugene McCarthy to Sabrina P. Enriquez-Rivera, 58 Bronson Ave., $115,000.

Carroll M. Custy to JEM Management, LLC, 31 Sunbright Drive South, $75,000.

Edward Dwyer IV and Dawn Dwyer to Justin D. Herget, 574 Gracey Ave., $152,500.

Estate of Stanley T. Gaj to Edward and Agnieszka Winiarski, 16 Beechwood Drive, $172,500.

Annette Ralls to Joseph Iarusso, 75 Lockwood St., $140,000.

Green Street Realty, LLC to Deepak Bhatia, 116 Willow St., $82,500.

Bank of America to James Lee, 95 Ridgefield St., $28,000.

Prime Homes of CT, LLC to A to Z Property Management, LLC, 50 Olive St. and 144 Veteran St., $145,000.

Matthew J. Corriveau to Damar McArthur, Unit 198, Building 10, Crown Village Condo, $50,000.

Second Union, LLC to Good Neighbor Holdings, LLC, 1347 E. Main St., $355,000.

Robert Fedora to John D. and Cynthia Zuber, Unit 2, Building 6, Quinnipiac Village Condo, $105,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Sean T. Doherty, 17-19 Summer St., $42,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to John Montesano, Unit 65, Building 4, Crown Village Condo, $24,000.

Estate of Gertrude M. Papallo to William G. Peacock, 159 Oak St., $115,000.

Leonel Rodriguez and Tracy Houle to Nardo R. Rivera, 78 Randolph Ave., $100,000.

Ethan Properties, LLC to Jeffrey Norke, 41 Monroe St., $30,000.

Stambelos S. and Rosa D. Petsitis to Shawon L. Moncreif, 36 Butternut Lane, $245,900.

Elroy, Ana D. and Lester Roca to Dennis Dematteo, Unit 32, Building 5, LaMirage Condo, $121,500.

Barbara Augeri to Federal National Mortgage Association, 49 Terrace Gardens, $113,402.

Estate of Stacia Mrozowski to Dominic and Kelly Antonio, 82 Old Stagecoach Road, $131,500.

Kelly M. Roman and James J. Flynn to Dania M. Civali, 84 Curtis St., $255,000.

Michael J. and Lise E. Milinovich to Jo Ann Machie, 47 Winthrop Terrace, $170,000.

Matthew J. and Sondra C. Crispino to William R. Johnson, Jr., 144 Sandy Lane, $260,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Khalid Enterprises, Inc., 387 Wall St., $101,500.

Sebastian S. Ciarcia to Rosario Gulino, 272 W. Main St., $60,000.

Marc B. Lapidus to Theodore P. LeBlanc, Unit 506, Paddock Village Condo, $150,000.

Caesar L. Nunez to Richard J. and Robert A. Pulcinella, 20 Federal St., $125,000.

Paul J. Paluszewski to American International Relocation Solutions, LLC, 58 Swain Ave., $180,000.

American International Relocation Solutions, LLC to Abderrahim Kassmi, 58 Swain Ave., $103,817.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Raul Malan and Maria Vilma Quishpi, 142 Foster St., $32,000.

Arnold C. and Cheryl A. Baker to Guy P. Racine, 220 Douglas Drive, $100,000.

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