No surprises in North Haven elections Tuesday as Republicans maintain seats

No surprises in North Haven elections Tuesday as Republicans maintain seats

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NORTH HAVEN — First Selectman Michael Freda will retain his seat for a fifth term as he won nearly 85 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

Freda said, from Republican town committee headquarters at Fantasia, that he was humbled by the results that delivered 84.6 percent of the vote.

”The citizens of North Haven put their faith and trust in me,” he said. “They’ve demonstrated to me that they support me and it fuels the fire in me to continue to move this great town forward.”

At the top of his list is finalizing the Amazon fulfillment center project and its related projects on Washington Avenue.

”My goal is to deliver more than enough top-line revenue to ensure that we can continue to improve the town, improve the infrastructure and work to keep the mill rate where it is,” which will allow the town to maintain and enhance its services, Freda said. 

Gary Johnson, Republican town committee member, had been working to tabulate election results since 4 p.m.

By 9 p.m., with no close races, there also were no surprises.

”I think the surprise was the plurality of the win,” he said. ”It’s pretty remarkable, especially for somebody running for their fifth term.”

The other Board of Selectman positions were filled by Democratic incumbent Sally Buemi and Republican William Pieper.

Town Democrats gathered at J Roo’s Restaurant, where candidate for treasurer Steve Gifford tabulated results by district as they came in, which he said were “very much status quo.”

”We didn’t have an issue to rally around,” Gifford said. “There wasn’t a great voter dissatisfaction.”

Freda’s Democratic challenger, Alan Sturtz, said voter turnout was on the same pace as the last municipal election.

Democrats looked to gain seats down ticket, on the Board of Education and the Board of Finance.

”I’m not sure there’s going to be a lot of turnover,” he said. “We made a great effort… Once the polls opened this morning there wasn’t a lot more we could do.”

A close race triggered one recount. Democratic candidates for Board of Education Kari Swanson and Amanda Gabriele came within nine votes of each other with Gabriele in lead. The slim margin requires a recount. Check for results, which were not available at print time.

Unofficial results as of 11 p.m. Tuesday:

First Selectman: Michael Freda (R)

Board of Selectmen: Sally Buemi (D), William Pieper (R)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: J. Stacey Yarbrough (R)

Treasurer: Laurie-Jean Hannon (R)

Board of Finance: Michael T. Hallahan (D), James Lianos (R), Dyann Vissicchio (R)

Board of Education: Goldie Adele (R), Joseph Solimene (R) and one undeclared Democratic winner

Board of Assessment Appeals: Norman Juniewic Sr. (D), Ralph Ricciardelli (R)

Planning and Zoning Commission: Theresa Ranciato-Viele (D), Vern E. Carlson (R), E. Richard Wilson (R)

Planning and Zoning Commission Alternates: Ed Homa (D), Lewis Borrelli (R), Joseph Solimene (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals: Joseph Villano (D), Caren Genovese (R), Robert Hannon (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: Carolyn Yaccarino (R), Andrew Gorry (R)

Police Commissioner: Alden Mead (D), Lawrence Lazaroff (R), David Monz (R)

Fire Commissioner: Joseph Cappucci (D), Pasquale Nuzzolillo (R), Michael Zuccarelli Jr. (R)


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