Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Vote no


All of our ducks are in a row. Our proposed budget keeps the mill rate the same. Quite a feat, considering the following: adding firemen, adding police after promotions made, paying again for a track that was incorporated in the middle school budget but used for other things.

Paying for a new middle school gym floor. Paying for new dispatchers to complete our own in-house emergency response team.

Paying for an alarming increase in our proposed budget and a $9 million dollar debt. And of course paying to replenish our reserve fund that was used for a replacement fire truck.

But everything aside, our mill rate will remain the same as last year, so that should be good enough.

It’s not good enough.

Instead of creating a reasonable budget that could reduce our mill rate, we already hired two new firemen in this current budget not approved by the taxpayers.

The town already has stated we will, in January, add new dispatchers, new paramedics, and expect to add each year two additional firemen per budget year.

With all the described additional expenses, how can this continue without the taxpayers paying a severe price in the future?

We haven’t paid off the high school yet. We will be paying for decades all the projects done in town.

Add to that, our property tax will be higher because of new re-evaluations being conducted now.

We currently use AMR as an emergency service. Renegotiate our contract with them or another service to include their own paramedics.

Additional firemen will not be needed. Medical responses would be conducted through AMR.

There are different avenues to look at to conserve our current status and not accept an already-set-in-place unnecessary expansion of services.

We don’t have a lot of control when it comes to necessary expenses as individuals. We do if we vote no.

Heidi Boettger
North Haven

Send thebudget back


As pointed out by first selectman Michael J. Freda our town is in sound financial condition.

My problem is using the huge $3,686,892 surplus generated over the last 3 years is due to over-taxation. These accumulations of surpluses plus a transfer from our fund balance is being used to fund an increase in spending.

I believe all department should have been held to a less-than-3 percent increase, as in previous years.

In addition, Sally Buemi had a number of changes to the present budget requests that I believe would be the direction we should be going in.

Ms. Buemi's proposal would have resulted in a budget increase of $2,967,521. The remaining $800,000 of the surplus and fund balance would be used to reduce our mill rate by approximately one-third of a mill.

A reduction at this time is better than a no increase. Please show up for the budget referendum and vote no. Send this budget back to the Board of Finance to do the job we elected them to do.

Sherman Katz
North Haven


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