North Haven residents named to UConn Dean’s List

North Haven residents named to UConn Dean’s List


Dean’s list

University of Connecticut – Josh Back, ParamBidja, Emily Camera, Monica Capriglione, Shannon Carboni, MuhammedCelebi, JongCheng, Lia Crowley, Angela DeFilippo, Jonathan Goodrich, JakubGwiazda, Liam Hylton, RujiaLian, Steven Lynch, Francesca Mascola, Jeffrey McLamb, Danielle McPherson, Joshua Mednick, Eamon O’Connor, Steven Olenski, Emily Opramolla, Julia Opramolla, Joshua Paolillo, AlisaPasichnik, Benjamin Redenti, AjaneSantora-Fyne, Margaret Sullivan, Zachary Tabek, Brenda Yik, Grant Zitomer of North Haven.. 

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