Trucking facility denied, lot to be divided in North Haven

Trucking facility denied, lot to be divided in North Haven

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NORTH HAVEN — The Planning and Zoning Commission denied on Dec. 4 an site plan application to build a trucking facility on Sackett Point Road and instead voted to subdivide the 30-acre lot.

Old Dominion Freight Line had proposed building a shipping and freight terminal in an industrial zone near 300 Elm St.

Neighbors raised concerns at past P&Z meetings about possible increased noise, air pollution and a proposal to lower Sackett Point Road by one foot, which trucks would have needed to pass under a railroad bridge at the intersection of Universal Drive.

P&Z Chairman Vern Carlson said on Dec. 5 that the proposed road lowering would exacerbate existing flood issues and create more water in the road during storms. He also said truck traffic would be unable to make turns from Universal Drive onto Sackett Point Road safely.

”Noise factors in there as well,” Carlson said.

First Selectman Michael Freda said on Dec. 4, prior to the commission’s decision, that he had heard from about 200 people on the issue.

”We always have to keep in mind that development is good for the town,” Freda said, “but it can’t happen at the expense of the quality of life for citizens.”

P&Z approved a proposal to subdivide the lot to allow a senior housing, but it’s unclear if Bradley Homes, which proposed the subdivision, will go through with the development.

“We’d be happy to have Bradley Homes in North Haven, and ODFL,” Carlson said. “We’d really like to have them here in town but we can’t put the safety and welfare of people in town in jeopardy.”


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