January referendum expected for Plainville water pollution project

January referendum expected for Plainville water pollution project

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 – Voters are expected to go to the polls in late January to decide on a proposed $15 million upgrade to the town’s water treatment plant to comply with the state-mandated removal of phosphorus.

The upgrade was discussed at a recent public information session attended by only a few residents.

“The purpose is to explain the reason for the upgrade,” said Town Manager Robert Lee at the outset of the session.

A project consultant explained that the goal of the upgrade is to comply with the new phosphorus limits requiring the town to reduce the amount discharged into the Pequabuck River by 88 percent.

The upgrade will also improve the sludge processing system.

The town could face legal action by the state if the referendum fails, including fines.

The Town Council recently agreed to a 4.8 percent sewer user fee increase in order to cover project expenses.

Rates are expected to decrease by 2025.

The town will receive a state grant to cover 41.2 percent of the total project. The town will be responsible for the remaining $9.2 million.

A public hearing on the Plainville project will be held before the referendum, which is planned for Jan. 30, 2018.

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