Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Hang onto your wallets

To the editor:

There is a small handful of Plainville citizens who regularly attend Town Council meetings hoping to influence its members to find better and more efficient ways to run our town.

At best, we are tolerated as pests, controlled by being given a very timed three minutes each, per meeting, to express ourselves (this passes for democratic free speech in Plainville), and are then ignored.

Anyone who has been paying attention and has even a modicum of economic common sense should have seen this day coming when money from the state government to Plainville would start to dry up.

For several years I have pleaded with the Town Council to prepare for this, and every year new spending projects, a more bloated and wasteful BOE and higher taxes is their answer.

When I said that they were about to be blindsided by the goings-on in Hartford, Chairwoman Puglesse ridiculed me, and said she is in "constant, direct communication [with] ... the leadership in Hartford." (The Citizen 10/26/17)

And now, after state payments to Plainville have been reduced by $1.9 million, she says, "The sudden significant reduction of state aid almost halfway through our fiscal year ..." led to additional taxes being imposed.

That's right, shift the blame to the state. The Town Council has no responsibility here.

This seems a lot like someone who didn't anticipate any of this in spite of being in "constant, direct communication [with] ... Hartford."

And their solution to the current problem? Hang onto your wallets. They have raised our taxes a second time this year.

Will it ever end?

David Spencer



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