Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


We have a problem

To the editor:

They want our money; the money we need to support our families.

The Board of Education received a 5.13 percent increase last year and wants another 3 percent (more than $1.2 million) from the taxpayers this year. The dirty little secret that they don't want us to know? State law says this year's BOE's budget becomes the base budget for next year and cannot be reduced in the future no matter what.

Forgive my cynicism concerning this law but it seems that the collusion going on between the Democrat lawmakers, teachers unions and the boards of education looks a bit like a public education racket, as the teachers unions almost exclusively donate to Democrat politicians.

If the Plainville BOE can count on this yearly increase they'll have little motivation to live within a reasonable budget. And they can always find that extra administrator, staffer or "improvement" to spend it on.

We have a problem in Plainville. I hope it isn't apathy. Only a few hundred voters come out to pass or reject the town's operating, and the BOE's, budget.

The town manager says the extremely low turnout indicates that the voters by and large approve of the budgets. This makes no sense. If you approve of the budget then why wouldn't you show up to vote?

The low turnout is more of a product of the town's almost non-existent promotion of the vote. The lower the turnout the easier it is to control the results. The more motivated voters who have a self-interest in passing the budgets will show up. People have lives and jobs and problems and children and need multiple reminders to come to the fire house to vote for or against the budgets.

Please mark the date on your calendars and vote on Tuesday, April 30.

David Spencer


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