Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


David vs. Goliath

To the editor:

In reference to the Sept.6 Citizen article – Petit vs. Ireland – I have a few comments.

Perhaps 40 years ago or so, I had the mistaken opinion that a popular, successful incumbent should not be challenged for reelection.

I have since learned that the right to qualify and run for political office is not only good for, but what our form of government is all about.

It should not matter what the odds against a candidate winning the election are!

I ran for a seat on the Town Council as a write-in candidate. I realized that I had zero chance of being elected, but I had 144 voters that supported me and my right to challenge.

I believe that Rep. Petit would welcome the challenge from Richard Ireland and would agree that a challenge would make him feel better about his campaign and our form of government.

Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Martinez said it perfectly about Ireland's campaign and it being his choice to run.

According to the news article, some committee members wanted Ireland to drop out of the race. When a party nominates a candidate and then some members do not want to back their candidate, I feel that they should resign from the committee.

There are many issues that I disagree with Ireland on, but his right to qualify and run for an elected office is not one of them.

John Kisluk


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