Over 200 Plainville high school students participate in walk-in

Over 200 Plainville high school students participate in walk-in

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PLAINVILLE – More than 200 students at Plainville High School participated in a walk-in event Wednesday morning as part of the national walkout day created after the Parkland shooting.

“I have no regrets on how it went,” said Maureen Brummett, Superintendent of Plainville Schools, Wednesday. “I couldn’t be more proud of our students.”

Administration made the decision recently to allow high schoolers to participate in the walkout movement by organizing an alternate “walk-in” to honor and pay tribute to the 17 people who were killed during a shooting last month in Parkland, Florida.

There has since been controversy from the community over the planned event.

Parents and students spoke to Brummett and members of the school board during a recent meeting.

“By allowing students to participate in this, you are allowing them to participate in this politicized speech,” said Gregg Karal, parent and president of the Plainville Rotary Club.

A student organizer of the high school walk-in spoke in response to Karal’s concern.

“This is a measure of school safety,” said Hannah Lennon, Plainville High School senior. 

Brummett said Wednesday the walk-in consisted of the students reading off the names of the shooting victims and speaking with their peers.

“They really just don’t want anymore school shootings,” she said. “They weren’t on any political bandwagon.”

The topic of school safety and security has been discussed recently in regards to a possible addition of a school resource officer previously removed from the proposed budget. Conversations are expected to continue this month with school and town officials.

Roberto Medic, Plainville High School Principal, sent a letter to parents after the walk-in. He said the event lasted less than 20 minutes and students that did not participate remained in scheduled classes with their teachers.

Though the other schools in the district did have any organized plans, Brummett said less than a dozen middle school students walked out of class (the same class) in the morning.

After a short period of time the students returned to class.

Brummett said the district will review any future protests and/or similar events on a “case-to-case basis.”

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