Plainville will switch probate courts next year

Plainville will switch probate courts next year

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PLAINVILLE — The Farmington-Burlington Probate Court will become the town’s probate court at the start of next year.

Town and court officials expect a smooth transition away from the Bristol Probate Court.

While the change will take place in January, ongoing cases will remain at the Bristol court unless the parties would prefer a transfer. Farmington’s current probate judge, Evelyn Daly, is running unopposed.

Probate courts in Connecticut deal with 72 areas of law, including wills, custody of children and the appointment of conservators, which Daly said represents a significant portion of the cases in Farmington.

Town Manager Robert Lee stressed that Plainville is leaving Bristol on good terms. There will be some minor cost savings with the move, around a few thousand dollars a year, he added.

 “We really had no issues with Bristol. The Bristol judge, Andre Dorval, was very accommodating,” he said.

“We’re very sad to see our Plainville people leave, because they’re great,” said Bristol’s Chief Probate Clerk Anne Holihan.

To prepare for the additional cases, Farmington has hired a new full-time probate court clerk to replace a part-timer who recently left.

“We’re going to revisit three months after (the transition)… to see if another part-time or full-time person will be needed,” Daly said. 

The court also plans to become the Farmington Regional Probate Court.
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