Schools add security scans

Schools add security scans

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The town’s schools now have an additional layer of security with the installation of Raptor Security Systems at each building.

The system scans a visitor’s driver’s license and creates a sticker badge with their photo from the license. The system also checks if a person is registered as a sex offender.

“Basically when people come in they just have to present their ID and it prints an ID for them,” said Director of Information Technology Kevin Ross.

The machines cost about $1,000 each.

The system also comes with a program that allows staff to keep track of visitors in the building.

Visitors are only run through the system if they are going into classrooms or other areas of the school outside of the main office. Parents picking up children or dropping off a lunch would not be run through it. In addition, those who don’t have a driver’s license on them would be able to have a badge manually printed for them, but would require an escort while in the building.

“We’re constantly looking at our safety and security,” said Superintendent of School Maureen Brummett. She said the system is a low cost way for the district to improve security and streamline the process of tracking who is where.
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