Plainville leadership coach wants to hear from residents

Plainville leadership coach wants to hear from residents

Let me ask you a question. How does leadership development factor into your work?

Better yet, how do you proactively influence the factors at play in your work – and life?

Hi! I’m a leadership coach and development consultant based and living in Plainville.

Before anything else, here’s a confession: I’m a bit of a leadership junkie. I look for its lessons in everything I see and everyone I work with. By doing that, I’m able to help people deliver their best, optimizing their untapped skills and abilities.

Now, I asked you those initial questions because that’s what I want this column to cover for you. Through it, I’d like to start an ongoing conversation with you about the role you actually play through your leadership, whether in your work or personal life, regardless of whether or not you have a leadership title.

Let me reiterate that last part: … whether or not you have a leadership title.

You don’t need to wait for a leadership title, designation or name badge to demonstrate what you’re all about, or what you can do for your colleagues, friends, family, organization, or community. Leadership isn’t something someone grants you (title); it’s about what you share with others to make everything around you better.

Leadership is never limited to monumental acts or about some vast reach or following. It’s amazing how much we don’t give ourselves credit for what we already do and are capable of. So be sure to consider – and give yourself credit for – the everyday things you do to improve, impact and influence those around you.

Generally, leadership lessons are the same for everyone; they just need to be customized to people’s personal experiences and circumstances. I know that because I’ve been lucky enough to coach, speak to and work with people and groups ranging from students to organizational executives to business owners.

My coaching has helped:

■High school and college students prepare for their next chapters;

■Front-line workers tap into their best ideas and abilities to improve their workplace;

■Managers and executives harness their experiences to enhance their leadership; and job seekers recognize, refine and reflect who they are for their job search.

And always remember: Leadership lessons can cross over into one’s personal life – and vice versa. This column will capture that heart of both leadership and personal development, whether through questions submitted by readers, current issues publicly playing out which teach great leadership lessons, or what I’ve learned in my coaching practice.

So, it’s my mission to have this column be one of your go-to places for advice, lessons and examples on how to raise your effectiveness to the next level. Clip it or screenshot it, and keep it.

I guarantee these lessons will always be relevant, to get you motivated today or in the future.

Keep that in mind. Keep sharpening your game. And let’s get started.

John M. Jaramillo is founder and Leadership Coach at Reach him at


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