Plainville Voters approve two new fire trucks

Plainville Voters approve two new fire trucks

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PLAINVILLE — The Plainville Volunteer Fire Department can purchase of $2.1 million in new vehicles after residents approved the plan at referendum. 

The funding will be used to replace a nearly 30-year-old engine truck, which has a broken pump and has been taken out of service, and a tower truck that is more than 25 years old. 

Voters supported the purchase by a 669-83 margin, or an approval rate of 89 percent.

Fire Chief Kevin Toner couldn’t be reached for comment. Residents who approved the purchases in the Tuesday vote said they wanted to show support for the department. 

“We have a volunteer fire department and the least we can do is give them the equipment they need,” said Andrea Saunders, who voted in favor of purchasing the new vehicles.

“The men need all the equipment for the safety of everybody,” said voter Helen Bergenty. “We couldn’t ask for a better group of guys.”

Earlier this year, Toner ruled out extending the vehicle’s lifespans through repairs and maintenance. Speaking on Engine 1’s damaged pump he said, “It’s virtually impossible to get the parts for it. I can’t get mechanics that actually want to open up to repair it because they’re afraid once they open it up it will never go back together.”
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