Plainville school project reduced by more than $700,000

Plainville school project reduced by more than $700,000

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PLAINVILLE – The renovate-as-new project for Wheeler Elementary School recently got a $705,000 reduction in order to qualify for funding.

“It was necessary to reduce the cost of the project below $450.00 per square foot,” Town Manager Robert Lee said.

Meetings have been held with the Department of Administrative Services due to the fact that the current size of the school exceeds space requirements needed for a new building. The department qualified the school for renovate-as-new funding with a reduced total cost.

 As a result the project will now cost $22,805,000. 

Lee said Thursday the details on how the reduction will impact the design of the project is too early to tell.

“They’re confident they can work with the original parameters on what they planned on doing,” he said. “If not exactly, it’ll be something close to that.”

Original plans called for a security vestibule, new air conditioning units, a new entrance, expanded parking, and a new roof.

The Department of Administrative Services confirmed that the project will be put on the priority list after updated student projections are submitted.

The state budget currently includes a bonding amount of $453 million for school construction authorizations for fiscal year 2018.
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