Plainville voters pass town and school budgets 

Plainville voters pass town and school budgets 

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PLAINVILLE – Voters passed a $22.7 million general government budget and a $37.3 million school budget, a total $60 million budget, at the all-day vote Tuesday.

“I’m pleased that it passed,” said Town Manager Robert Lee. “I think most people were happy.”

According to the town Registrar of Voters, less than 600 people voted with 383 votes in favor of the town budget and 324 votes in favor of the school budget. In contrast, the town budget received 158 “no” votes with 215 “no” votes for the school budget.

In the advisory questions, which only impact if the budgets fail, 379 voters voted the town budget as “too high” with 153 voting “too low.” A total 326 votes said the school budget was “too high” with 206 votes as “too low.”

The general government budget is a 1.26  percent total increase from FY 18 while the school budget is a 5.13 percent increase. 

This year’s turnout saw five percent of voters participate, similar to previous years.

“When there is little controversy, I don’t expect people to come out and vote,” Lee said. “It was a quiet budget season.”

The estimated mill rate will be 33.85, an increase from July 1, 2017 to this coming July of  1.16 mills, used to calculate tax bills, from the adopted mill rate including the supplemental tax assessment determined at the beginning of this year of 0.75 mills.

The budget impact is about a $131 tax increase to a $160,000 valued home. 

The biggest budget driver this year was the town employee health insurance rate increases after actual claims significantly exceeded expected claims last year. The town has since been looking at alternate insurance plans.

The mill rate is expected to be set on or after the second town council meeting in May.

Last year the council set the mill rate in June due to uncertainty from the state’s budget. The legislative session is set to end Wednesday, May 9.

There will be a public hearing during the next council meeting Monday, May 7, on the decision to send $2.1 million in fire apparatus, previously considered for the budget.  Lee said a referendum is recommended for Tuesday, June 19.
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