Petit: Bipartisan effort needed to solve state’s budget deficit

Petit: Bipartisan effort needed to solve state’s budget deficit

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PLAINVILLE — Rep. William Petit Jr. and Sen. Henri Martin will continue to represent Plainville in the state legislature. 

“I think that people know me and understand what I've done,” said Petit, a Republican. “Over the past years I've done my best to communicate with people and be honest with them.”

Petit received 5,158 votes, while Democrat Richard Ireland garnered 2,074. This will be his second term in office.

While the Democrats control the state legislature and executive branch, Petit said it will take a bipartisan compromise to solve the state’s deficit problem, estimated to be a combined $4.6 billion over the next two years.

“I think we have to work together, there’s no way to fix a budget deficit without working together.” he said.

Martin, a Republican, was supported by 59 percent of Plainville voters and will be returning to Hartford for his third term. He did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Martin received a total of 22,367 votes to Democrat Christopher Wright’s 15,762.

Plainville leaned towards Bob Stefanowski in the gubernatorial race with 55 percent of voters supporting the Republican over Democrat Ned Lamont, who received 38 percent, and Oz Griebel, who had 7 percent.

U.S. Sen. Christopher Murphy and 5th Congressional District candidate Jahana Hayes were the only Democrats to win a majority of the town’s votes. Murphy received 51 percent, 3,668 votes, against Republican challenger Matthew Corey, while 53 percent of voters supported Hayes over Republican Manny Santos.

Voter turnout was also sharply up over past midterm elections, with 67 percent of local registered voters showing up to the polls Tuesday, up from 57 percent in 2014 and 60 percent in 2010.

Wright and Ireland both expressed disappointment, but said they felt it was important to give voters an alternative.

“Going into this I knew it was a long shot, and I’ve had people thank me just for running,” Ireland said.

“I didn’t want the incumbent senator to go unchallenged,” Wright said. “I think that we might have raised some people's awareness of some issues that are going on. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough people, but we did the best that we could.”
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