Toffolon celebrates ‘Tidy Tigers’ with award program

Toffolon celebrates ‘Tidy Tigers’ with award program

Louis Toffolon Elementary School has introduced a new “Tidy Tigers Award” program designed by Toffolon custodian Greg Masse.

Masse wanted to recognize students who were making an extra effort to keep their classrooms tidy. He began leaving a note of thanks and acknowledgement on the boards in classes that were going the extra mile to pick up.

Thinking about how he might be able to expand this recognition for classrooms – beyond the thank you notes – Masse created the “Tidy Tigers Award” program and shared the idea with Principal Lynn Logoyke.

Masse then designed a “Tidy Tiger Award” welcome mat and had two made for the school. Now, each week during the school year, Masse and fellow Toffolon custodian Miguel Velazquez, pick a classroom on each of the school’s two floors to receive the welcome mat award for the week. The award winners are announced each week by Logoyke.

The first award winners of the school year were Jill Limberger’s fifth grade class and Jessica Oullette’s kindergarten class.


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